A cross between our Sunset Sherbert and Gelato 41 provides a sweet, heavy aroma that will relax the user with its tasty flavor profile and uplifting effects. Consumers love the Sherbacio for it’s ability to change sour moments into happier moments, as well as it’s abilities to heal the body.




11 reviews for Sherbacio

  1. Anne

    The design is perfect and easy to hold.
    Love the flavors and how you feel that you get a prey hit every time

  2. Mabu

    Lasts great, long battery life and great flavor

  3. Thomas

    Couple of things,
    1. It’s easy to hold, it feels good in the hand.
    2. The flavors are good, especially the creamsicle and the flavor did not diminish, was good till the very end.
    3. Do you want to relax & chill? Buy this product.
    Extremely happy with it. The device was easy to charge and the system is exceptionally

  4. James


  5. Tom

    Very good flavor and smooth. The design is awesome as well. Compared to other brands, this one stays consistent with flavor.

  6. Petterson

    Great flavor and lasts a long time! Love these.

  7. Paulson

    These ones I ordered are great. Be ordering more soon. We really love these kind.

  8. Isaac

    Love this company and products fast and reliable with quality products I’ve used

  9. icekreamvapes

    Great flavor
    These are great! The flavor stays strong all the way through. The pull is great on all settings. Tike the light on the side that let you know how much power and juice is left. Great disposable!

  10. Junior

    I’ve tried so many companies that offer similar products but in terms of prices, this place is super affordable for the same high quality product! I will definitely become a repeat customer!

  11. Anthony Nunez

    I don’t like how ever flavor of this pen tastes the same and I found out why u guys mixed the strains together just mixed matched they’re good n strong just be more versatile guys n the flavor that is on the box I would like it to taste like that

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