6 reviews for POP ROCKS – 1G

  1. Ben White

    The effects are wonderful. It does seem like it he device is not filling up enough tho causing it to taste kinda burnt.

  2. Tony

    This is one of the best cartridges I have used, the flavor is obvious, the buzz is good and the device does not clog

  3. Prince

    I got Pop rocks, green dream and mojito Melon and the strawberry candy land tastes good and really hits. The buzz is also good better then the dispos. Ice Kream is the best

  4. Gibson

    Really like the flavors an the high was really good has a nice body buzz an head buzz would definitely recommend will be buying again to try different flavors

  5. Jeffrey

    Pop rocks was the flavor cartridge i got, sadly it will be my last time getting it. The high was awesome just not really into really fruity flavors. Going to be trying Blueberry Octane next

  6. Chris

    Great love this company!

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