Pop rock


Pop Rocks is an Indica-dominant hybrid strain. True to its name, Pop Rocks carries a sweet, candy-like aroma that translates to a fruity flavor on the inhale. Relaxing, euphoric effects give rise to creative clarity while stress and bad moods melt away.




10 reviews for Pop rock

  1. Gibson

    Good shit
    Works well

  2. Mc gregor

    This helped me relax when I was highly stressed

  3. Philip White

    Always been a bit iffy on D8, THC-p, n other legal product but I highly recommend this I was genuinely surprised how hard it hit also had like two people ask me where I got it bcuz of how much they liked it 10/10

  4. Steve

    most convenient lil disposable i’ve ever had tbh! not gonna lie i haven’t had many, but i already have a favorite. the flavors are fuckin FIREEE. i’m a big flavor guy bahaha but the buzz is pretty dope as well

  5. Chris

    So far these have been the best working carts I have had, and they last a good while too

  6. Larsen

    The night is good with sum Pop rocks

  7. Becky

    tasted great, hit good, overall amazing

  8. Nelson

    Good vape, has a lot of flavors and the hit is good

  9. Ashley

    Good effects
    Hit good

  10. Prince

    Must try
    Awesome service

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