Icekream Vapes(100 pieces & above)



Icekream Vapes

$10 A piece(From 100 pieces)


89%-93% THC

13 reviews for Icekream Vapes(100 pieces & above)

  1. Nelson

    The flavor are great the buzz is almost instant effect is nice a chill

  2. Philip White

    Ice Kream One of the best on the market

  3. Thomas

    Ice Kream is excellent, add to my go to

  4. Laurean

    Amazing flavor and effect, the buzz was out of this world. Highly recommend

  5. Jeffrey

    Flavor is great, Good effect and good value, Favorite is the Pop rocks. It creates a great effect and never have any clog in the carts

  6. Stephen

    These are great. Very potent and taste pretty good. Carts seem to last a decent amount of time compared to other carts of the same size. These are pretty much the go to where I know what to expect and satisfied with the results

  7. Gabriel

    Perfect good effects and flavor

  8. Rebecca

    These products are amazing, Keep up

  9. Chris

    honestly didn’t expect much but this shit SLAPS! the whole ordering process was easy too and i’m super impatient so i’m glad it was super simple lol. knocks me out for sure but the naps are scrumptiousssss

  10. Darla F.

    Fast ship great product

  11. Jack W.

    We’re very happy with the product. We have used similar products from another company for years but were suddenly treated very rudely for no apparent reason. Your professional approach has been excellent. Obviously you care! Thank you! We look forward to a long relationship. Oh yes, the Quality is exceptional.

  12. Jenna C.

    I have always purchased with Ice Kream for the past year! They’re always amazing! I needed to chill out today, and now I can go take a nap 😴

  13. Amy S.

    Gotta love these Ice kream packs! Great tasting and work well. Shipped fast too

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