Cotton Candy


Cotton Candy (also known as Cotton Candy Kush) is an indica-leaning strain, and as the name suggests, tends to remind those who manage to find it of freshly spun cotton candy. Reportedly created by the Spanish breeder

Delicious Seeds, Cotton Candy has an interesting genetic makeup with roots that spread across the world. One Parent is Lavender, a descendant of Skunk and Afghan Hawaiian. Another parent is a Power Plant native to South Africa.

Cotton Candy is reported to have an aroma of berry-flavored candy and sugary sweet taste upon consumption.





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Weight 1 kg

10 reviews for Cotton Candy

  1. Emmi

    Quick shipping and good quality

  2. Gibson

    Ice Kream brand is like drinking aged Scotch rather than “trash can punch” at a frat party. It’s for when you want to enjoy “the finer things

  3. Tony

    Works well. Nice design for disposal pen

  4. Laurean

    full hit, full high. delta 9 delta 11 and thc-p, try to find that combo in anything else. ill wait here

  5. Nelson

    They work great, hit smooth, have the desired effect and last pretty well. Very consistent from cart to cart and pen to pen.

  6. Ashley

    Only one like it, by far my favorite

  7. Rebecca

    Good stuff, everything you expect. works well

  8. Chris

    nice thc disposable, effective and last for a while if used correctly

  9. Philip White

    Dank product

  10. Rebecca

    I love the product!

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