Blueberry Octane


This Indica Dominant strain has a power packing inhale similar to Jet Fuel with the exhale of sweet blueberry deliciousness. This strain is good for reducing pain and promoting calmness. Deep purple strain with the nose of kush and sweet berries.




11 reviews for Blueberry Octane

  1. Emmi

    The best of the best, definitely among my list of preferred flavors

  2. Laurean

    Good price for quality flavors and high good

  3. Chris

    Perfect flavor and buzz

  4. Becky

    As far as the product inside the pen, A+. I’ve used this brand a few times before, it doesnt clog and the quality of the Resin is better than most from my experience. THC packs a punch, espRead more about review stating Grade Aecially when you want to unwind for the evening. Will be ordering again.

  5. Philip White

    So I ordered a Fruity Pebbles. I came across the Blueberry Octane here in town so I went ahead and bought one. This thing hits very smooth and taste great. I love it can’t wait for my order to get in. I’m definitely getting a few more of these guys. I do recommend

  6. Gibson

    The device is great itself, simple to use and I love the little silicone protective cover, I’ve always kept it to insure the mouth piece doesn’t get gross.

  7. Steve

    Ice Kream always does the job but I hope they keep the classic vape bar design they have better airflow than the new

  8. Tony

    Oh yeah

  9. Nelson

    Pretty good so far. The gushers tatse like some good grape but not too strong. Its an indica so it dont get you too heady but overal its not bad. I have the edibles and theyre awesome so I’ll definitely try other flavors of these vapes.

  10. Prince

    Really nice

  11. Rebecca

    Good product, effective, tastes very good

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